The Crown Inn, an old Coaching Inn in Emsworth, traces its roots back to the seventeenth century. Recently, it underwent an extensive refurbishment, transforming into a haven of relaxation and comfort. Situated just a brief stroll from the charming harbour, The Crown Inn invites you to experience the perfect blend of history and contemporary warmth.

Whether you’re seeking a weekend escape, a historical journey, or a comfortable stay near the harbour, The Crown Inn promises an unforgettable experience. Our dedication to hospitality ensures that every moment with us is unforgettable.

Explore the pages of our website to discover more about The Crown Inn, from our well-appointed rooms to the delightful amenities that await you. Join us in celebrating Emsworth’s history and hospitality, where every stay is a journey through time.


In the 1870s, the bustling town of Emsworth boasted approximately 25 establishments dedicated to the sale of drinks. Fast forward to today, and only seven public houses remain, with The Crown Inn proudly holding the distinction of being the oldest among them.

Dating back to 1665, this grade II listed building was originally known as Three Crowns until it underwent a name change in 1788. A dive into newspapers spanning 250 years vividly underscores The Crown Inn’s pivotal role in all aspects of town life. It wasn’t merely a place for libations, it was the favoured venue for auctions, magistrates’ courts, entertainment, and social events. An auction on February 2, 1802, orchestrated by Mr. Brain resulted in the sale of 1 1/4 acres of land, a historical transaction that contributed to the formation of Nile Street.

Acknowledged as a principal inn for accommodating travellers and featured in a book of coaching inns from 1790, The Crown Inn has been an enduring fixture in Emsworth’s history. During the era of The Three Crowns, its primary competitor was The Black Dog, sadly closing its doors in 2006.

Today, The Crown Inn invites you to experience its rich history firsthand. Whether you choose to drop by or book a table, you’re invited to savour a meal, enjoy a drink, or partake in an event in this iconic establishment steeped in history.

Meet the team


Blake McLaughlin

Meet Blake McLaughlin, proud owner of The Crown Inn. From California to teaching English in France, Blake brings a global touch to this charming Emsworth pub. In 2020, he took the reins, launching a passionate refurbishment, seamlessly blending history with modern vibes.

Blake chose Emsworth for its coastal charm, influenced by his diverse journey. More than a pub, The Crown Inn embodies Blake’s vision of warm hospitality. Every detail reflects his commitment to a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, making it the go-to spot for an enjoyable pub experience.


The Heart & Soul

Discover The Crown Inn through our exceptional team—dedicated from your arrival to farewell, creating memorable experiences, not just meals. Each team member is a vital part of crafting unforgettable moments, be it suggesting a dish, mixing a cocktail, or sharing a friendly chat. Their commitment goes beyond skills; it’s about fostering a welcoming atmosphere.

At The Crown Inn, genuine warmth and hospitality are as essential as our menu. Your memories matter, and our team is here to ensure every visit is delightful and memorable.

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